Noom Diet Day 3

This morning started off similarly to the other two, in that I weighed myself immediately and logged on to the app.  However, I knew today would be a test because it is my first workday on this diet.  My workday diet issues are that after school I am famished, and sometimes I eat to comfort myself.  I feel like I’m ready to eat dinner by 3:30!  I think this is a common challenge for many teachers. By the time I get home from school, I am ready to “eat my feelings”.

When I first logged onto the app I was given a short lesson on obstacles.  The first sentence of the lesson reads, “The toughest obstacle you’ll face on your weight loss journey will be a battle with your own mind (cue the scary music).” Very often Noom tries to be cute with its lessons, and I am okay with this because it holds onto my attention.  The advertising for Noom has suggested that it’s more for Millennials than a diet such as Weight Watchers, and I am gradually understanding what this means.  It means it helps to be cute and funny to keep your customer’s attention!


The Noom lesson goes on to give me quiz on my thought distortions surrounding food.  These questions are things like:  True or False:  If I gobble down a delicious cupcake in the break room, my day is ruined.  True or False:  People will think it’s strange if I order a salad.  True or False:  Other diets haven’t worked for me, so Noom’s incredible weight loss course won’t work, either.  All these questions have pretty obvious answers, but the point is that these are examples of “lies we tell ourselves”, otherwise known as thought distortions.

The lesson continues to break down different kinds of thought distortions, and asks us to come up with one thought distortion we have.  I said that my thought distortion is that I’m never going to lose weight because my body likes being this way, and my habits are too deeply rooted to change.

After this lesson I took a quiz on what kind of eater I am.  According to Noom, there are five different kinds of eating (if you seriously consider the last one).

  1.  Fuel Eating:  “Fuel eating gives your bodies what you need to do all the wonderful things you do… Fuel eaters eat to live (rather than live to eat).”
  2. Fun Eating:  “Fun eating is when you eat foods that give you pleasure.”
  3. Fog Eating:  “When you’re fog eating, you don’t realize what you’re doing – you eat mindlessly.”
  4. Storm Eating:  “Storm eating is when you eat even if you’re not hungry, but you feel like you can’t stop.”
  5. Death Eating:  “Death eating takes place in the novels of J.K. Rowling and it’s usually done by Death Eaters.”

There you go again, Noom.  Trying to get a chuckle out of us.  I was so sleepy when I read it, I had to give it a double take.

I consider myself a Fuel Eater most of the time, but I also love cooking, eating, and food in general.  This is one of the reasons I know I would fail at a meal replacement diet.  I love the relaxing sensuality of culinary arts, so I consider myself a Fun Eater as well.  I try to eat mostly fuel that tastes very good, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.  When I do “splurge” on a diet, I try to make sure that is something that is also going to make me feel full so I don’t end up a Fog Eater.

Today I’m going to try to have two small dinner meals and see if I can be satisfied but also stay within my caloric budget. For breakfast I had an Oikos Greek Yogurt that has no fat or sugar with some chia seeds.  It turned out that the yogurt is a “green” food, which means I can have it in almost unlimited amounts.  The chia is actually a “red” food, which means I have to seriously limit how much of it I eat.  I had light cream with my coffee, which for some reason is a “yellow” food though half and half is a “red” food.  I’m not sure why this is, because their nutritional facts are almost identical.  All I truly know is that light cream costs about twice as much as half and half.

For my daily snack I almost always eat baby carrots with two tablespoons of hummus and a serving of fruit like grapes.  These are easy to munch on while I’m busy in my classroom.  Most fruits and vegetables are “green” foods, which is similar to the most current version of Weight Watchers.  The hummus is a “yellow” food, but this is ok because I consume both light cream and hummus in very small, pre-measured portions.

For lunch I had 1/2 cup of tuna salad, which counted as a yellow food.  I wrapped this up in my favorite low-carb tortilla from Joseph’s.  I was happy to find out that this tortilla is a “green” food, probably because it has so much fiber in it.  I ate this lunch with an apple and I felt pretty satisfied.

Unfortunately, “Fog Eating” caught up with me later in my classroom.  I found myself alone and grumpy with a snack size bag of Skittles.  I wish I hadn’t seen it, but I seemed to have lost control.  This snack did not throw off my day too much, but I kept thinking about how I would have rather indulged in a glass of wine later at home.

For dinner I’m planning on eating some leftover rotisserie chicken breast with a green salad and my most favorite Bolthouse Cilantro Avocado Yogurt Dressing.  I love this dressing because it’s delicious and only 40 calories for 2 tablespoons.  As I predicted, the chicken is “yellow”, the salad is “green”, and the dressing, though light, is “red”.  I ate a small portion of this when I came home from work around 4pm, and I plan on eating the exact same thing again at around 7. After this I still have about 100 calories left of yellow and 175 calories of red, which will probably be in the form of a glass of wine and maybe a little popcorn.  I’ll figure that out when I get to it.

I really hope the scale shows that I lose weight tomorrow.  This morning it told me I gained a pound, though I’m pretty sure this is from water retention since I had so much sodium in New Haven.  I’ve found that I retain water like a sponge and it is a total downer around weigh-in times.

Thanks so much for reading my blog, I’m trying to keep up with the writing, dieting, exercising, working, momming, girlfriending, and ubering all at the same time.  I believe the blog is helping me to stay accountable for all of it.  Talk to you soon!


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Quick and Easy Weeknight Recipes Part 1: Shepherd’s Pie

A while back I mentioned that in addition to teaching and driving for Uber I am also a single parent of two boys, and anyone who has boys knows that they tear through food.  Before I had kids I assumed this was a stereotype, but in my experience I am constantly bewildered by how much my sons eat.

I’m often scouring the internet for easy weeknight recipes that my sons will eat.  They are not the pickiest eaters in the world, but they like what they like.  In our home we have the ¨two-bite¨ rule, so I am fortunate that they will try almost anything once.

I try to keep my recipes ¨healthy¨, though I know not everyone holds to the same definition.  By healthy I mean I am curbing saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol, though I am sure there are even healthier options that you, my valued reader, may be able to suggest.


  • 1 16oz package lean ground turkey
  • 1 (10.75 ounce) can Campbell’s® Reduced Sodium Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup (if my sons knew I used cream of mushroom soup they accuse me of child abuse)
  • 1 tbsp ketchup
  • pinch of black pepper
  • 1 cup frozen peas and carrots (or my sons prefer peas and corn)
  • 3 cups mashed potatoes (this is a great way to use leftover mashed potatoes if you have them.  The original recipe calls for powdered mashed potatoes but those gross me out.  If my oldest is begging for shepherd’s pie and I don’t have  homemade mashed potatoes in the fridge I will buy a container of pre-made mashed potatoes in the meat section of the grocery store.  Our favorite is Simply Potatoes.
  1. Cook turkey in 10-inch skillet over medium-high heat until well browned, stirring to break up meat. Pour off fat.
  2. Stir soup, ketchup, black pepper and peas and carrots into skillet. Spoon turkey mixture in 9-inch pie plate.
  3. Spoon mashed potatoes over turkey mixture and attempt to spread evenly (nearly impossible).
  4. Bake at 400 degrees F for 15 minutes or until potatoes are lightly browned.
  5. Let cool 5-10 minutes before serving.

My oldest, who likes to add his personal rating of approval to my cooking, always rates this 10/10.  There have been more than one occassion in which there were no leftovers for lunch the next day (so sad).

Whether you use ground beef, ground turkey, ground chicken, or any other alternate ingredients for this recipe, it could of course drastically change the nutritional facts.  I input the ingredients I listed above into a free calorie calculator on www.myfitnesspal.com, and came up with these nutritional facts:

Nutrition Facts
Servings 4.0
Amount Per Serving
calories 334
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 12 g 19 %
Saturated Fat 1 g 5 %
Monounsaturated Fat 0 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 1 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 108 mg 36 %
Sodium 489 mg 20 %
Potassium 744 mg 21 %
Total Carbohydrate 33 g 11 %
Dietary Fiber 3 g 11 %
Sugars 3 g
Protein 31 g 61 %
Vitamin A 72 %
Vitamin C 9 %
Calcium 10 %
Iron 15 %
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.

Thank you for reading!  I hope you enjoyed this post, and keep your eyes peeled for more recipes soon.

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Podcasts over which I Obsess Pt. 1: Risk! True Tales Boldly Told

I know I’m late in the game (by a lot) but I discovered the joy of podcasts in the spring of 2015, about the time when I started Uber driving.  It’s a great way to keep your mind busy while you’re doing mundane driving and/or waiting for passengers. I started off by listening to “The Moth“, which many friends had told me about over the years, and of course I loved it.  I probably don’t need to tell you about it, but basically it involves live personal narratives told by volunteers. The stories are not allowed to be written down, but are instead told off the top of one’s head (with an expected amount of rehearsal). The stories are always entertaining, but vary from hilarious to horrifying.

Eventually I fell upon the podcast “Risk!” which is very similar to “The Moth”, but involves a story that is much more “edgy”. The ongoing byline is that these are stories the tellers “never thought they’d dare to share”.

Many of the storytellers are everyday people (I am still waiting for my submission to be approved by the founder, Kevin Allison), but often the stories are told by professional comedians, actors, writers, podcasters, or storytellers. If you are the kind of person who gets swept away in a personal story, this podcast is for you.  They are compelling tales that prove that truth is very much stranger than fiction.  My personal favorite stories are the “Scary Stories” which take place around Halloween, and “Scary Stories 9” did not disappoint.  The story called “The Siege” by Ansley Isham is a chilling tale of a young woman’s lonely experience dealing with the mental deterioration of her mother. I felt a kinship with this woman because of my own odd personal experiences with my mother, but never had I gone through an incident quite like the one Isham narrates.RISK-best-of-part11

As an “everyday” person who longs to be a professional writer, I can’t help but be magnetized towards this podcast.  The stories are not for the squeamish, and some are downright disturbing, but I find them inspiring in that I realize I have quite a few interesting stories of my own.  In fact, if I hadn’t stumbled upon this podcast, I may never have ventured back into the world of writing.

Creator Kevin Allison is one of my favorite people by far, and not just because he is a ginger like me. He is most well known for his role as a writer and performer on the show The State on MTV from 1993-1995, back when I was in high school. The Risk! show started live August 2009 at Arlene’s Grocery in New York and moved to Joe’s Pub in October with guests like Margaret ChoRachel DratchMichael Ian BlackAndy Borowitz, and Janeane Garofalo. Risk! is also a monthly live show that takes place in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, while also making stops all over major US cities. Allison has appeared on recent TV shows such as  Reno 911!: MiamiThe TenWedding DazeVH1‘s Best Week EverIFC‘s Comedy Bang Bang and HBO‘s Flight of the Conchords.

If you are a fan of thrilling true stories that contain such sound clips as “and now I’m running down this mountain, with this piss all over my leg,  and all I can think is that I never thought a Tinder date would turn out like this” from the story Mountain Cry by Sammy Sponenburg, then I highly recommend checking out Risk! today (or most likely tonight, after the kids have gone to bed).


The Kids at School Thought I Was Joking

My oldest son told me something today that made me feel terrible. He told his friends at school that we were forced to leave our home even though we did nothing wrong. Dramatic, but true. He told me the kids at school thought he was joking because he is always saying weird things (being a nerdy 6th grader and all).

I know that under the circumstances, I am in the best possible situation. I am staying with a friend who has a gorgeous home! Quite frankly, this place is a lot nicer than my apartment was. On the weekends I will be staying with my boyfriend who also has a comfortable house with all the amenities I need. I want for nothing.

But my boys still feel uncomfortable because it’s not their own home. They long for our old, drafty apartment because it was ours. I know this situation is not my fault, but I can’t help feeling guilty.

So now I feel even more motivated to find a new place of our own. I have to do my best to save money, and hopefully find another source of income. I’m just not making enough to pay all my bills and eventual rent. Now that my student loan payments have kicked in, my bills are even more ridiculous.

I’m stuck. I need to turn my creativity into money. I have the tools, but suddenly I don’t know how to orchestrate them. I’m feeling like a child; dependent on others and suddenly no longer sure how I should move on to the next phase of my life.

I know I have gotten by with less money and more responsibilities before, I just don’t remember how. I remember endless bill collection calls and losing cable for a few weeks. I remember losing car insurance and threats to repossess my car. I don’t ever want to be in that kind of situation again.

I will be stuck inside for the next few days thanks to the oncoming storm, so I will be meditating on how to improve our situation.

Until the next update!

Just Keep Swimming

I resolve to be like Dory from “Finding Nemo” and JUST KEEP SWIMMING.

I have two beautiful homes to stay in temporarily, and for that I’m so grateful. I can’t help feeling bad for my boys because I know they can’t fully relax yet.

Today my 5 year old said he was nervous about saying something wrong at my friend’s home, which is so cute but sad for us. I wish I had a home of our own to provide for them. No worries, a few hours later and he was talking about farts.

Luckily my hospitable friend and her sons are extremely easy to get along with. I’m actually looking forward to the time I’m going to be staying here, mostly on weeknights.

I realized that because I’m going to be shuttling back and forth between two homes, planning meals is going to be extremely difficult. I gave up on Noom because I felt like my life was way too hectic for it. I have been in survival mode for the past three weeks and it’s no time to worry about my diet.

Which is why I’m going to go back to Jenny Craig. It has worked for me in the past, but I ended up stopping the diet because I became pregnant. Jenny Craig is extremely rigid and structured, but in a good way. I say this because I won’t have to worry about planning my meals, portioning, or counting points or calories. I only have to eat what is on my menu.

It’s not cheap, but in my opinion it is easy. I know it will be difficult to resist the temptation to drink (my biggest calorie bomb), but I’m going to get through it. It’s going to be a cold winter, and I don’t see myself going out too much. Boyfriend and I can snuggle with some herbal tea and binge on Netflix. As with any diet, spending time with my sweetheart is going to be my toughest trigger. Why does he have such a fast metabolism?!?!?! It’s not fair.

Tomorrow is my first day back to school. I’m actually looking forward to some consistency back in my life. This vacation was not very restful… we finished moving on New Years Day when the temperature never went above 5 degrees, but I’m so glad my stuff is organized and locked up in storage. I’ll be happy to have some semblance of normalcy tomorrow, though “normal” in middle school education is completely subjective. There is word of a big snow storm on Thursday, so it may turn out to be a very short week after all.

I’m glad I finally had a chance to check in. I couldn’t imagine writing to you all when my hands were so full of work and worry. Tomorrow should be great; one of my favorite things about being a teacher is the look of resentment on my students’ faces when they come back to school after vacation. Grouchiness and apathy everywhere!

Good night all, wish me luck in 2018!

The Unintended Alpha Woman

For most of my adult life, I never saw myself as an Alpha female. I shrunk with shyness and passivity to the more overpowering people I was spending my time with; my mother, my (now ex) husband, and some of my friends and bosses. Even though I was working very hard with clear goals that I had set for myself, I often saw myself as the “beta” because I felt that everything I did in my life was meant to please others.

My mother was an intense person with an overpowering personality. I never doubted her love for me, but I was always afraid of her, and therefore rarely ever told her “no”. She was a pretty manipulative person, so most people found themselves powerless around her. As a child and young woman I worshipped my mother because she was so powerful, but as I got older I started to distance myself from her because I sensed her manipulative tendencies. This could have been my first step towards independence, but instead I voluntarily handed over the reigns to my husband.

Why did I do this? I was scared to make decisions for myself. I was intimidated by the reality of my adulthood. My ex is a person that tends to think the world is perpetually more against him than anyone else, and this is a good person to be partnered with if you want to sabotage your own success. During my youth I was so afraid of failure that I often made life choices that I subconsciously knew would lead to disappointment. I didn’t believe I was good enough to become successful, so in order to avoid the risk of failure I just jumped head first into the shallow end of the pool.

It wasn’t until I decided to become a teacher that I got in touch with my inner Alpha. When you are a classroom teacher you are in charge of your own domain, and its success relies completely on your shoulders. It’s much like running a small business, except that your profit comes in the form of good student discipline and performance.

The students will never hand over control of the classroom, this has to be taken with confidence by the adult in the room. You can’t ask permission to teach the class. I started off teaching in one of the most difficult middle schools in Providence as a substitute, and I met with mostly opposition from the students and administration. No one expected me to succeed, or to attempt to actually teach. They assumed I would run away screaming with terror like many of the substitutes before me.

However, I felt I had no choice but to stay. My oldest son was only two at the time, and my husband was unemployed. I had to take care of my family. At the time Providence was paying its subs twice as much as the other surrounding towns, and offered health insurance. Even though my daily life as a sub felt like psychological torture, I returned every single day. That year I got pink eye three times, bronchitis and a bad stomach virus, but I always returned to school. I had a family depending on me.

Eventually I learned that in order to survive, I had to assume the position of Alpha, even if it was uncomfortable. I had to demand respect from my students and dole out consequences for breaking the rules. I remember the day I actually decided to pretend to be someone else. “Fake it until you make it”, I thought to myself.

And it worked. It wasn’t easy or comfortable, but it was better than being trampled upon. Eventually, this Alpha role carried into my personal life, and it shook things up significantly. I recognized when I was being disrespected by the people in my life who claimed to love me, and I let my frustration be known. It was a gradual self-realization, and there were times when I slipped and swam around in an infested pool of self-doubt. But deep down inside something changed, and I would never be the same again.

My transition took a major leap when my mother passed away. She had been the person who loved me unconditionally, but also had fanned my flames of low self-esteem. When she died I became completely in control of my own life. I know now that I already had been in control the whole time, but it was easier to think that other people made my decisions for me or to blame others for my discontent. There is an expression that says that you truly become an adult when you lose a parent, and that really hit home for me. With sudden clarity I saw my life as my own, the good and the bad. The potential for positive change was infinite.

And here I am six years later, in a place I never thought I’d survive. I pay all my own bills and take care of my sons, even if that means I have a second and sometimes third job. I am in a relationship with a person who thinks I am amazing just the way I am, and encourages me to follow my dreams, wherever they take me. I depend on no one but myself.

This is not easy. I often feel overwhelmed and stressed and lonely, but I look back to the person I was ten years ago, and I’m pretty impressed. I am now the HBIC of my life, and there’s no going back.

Little Teaching Miracles…

After I shared my anxiety about having a “B” Day yesterday, today turned out to be not too terrible. Sometimes I set myself up like that:  I think that the day will be awful and I brace myself for the possibility of needing an Ativan by 8:30am, and then things change significantly. Maybe the trick is keeping my expectations super low.

The morning started off with getting a text back from an old friend I hadn’t heard from in a while.  I texted her something cute this weekend because I know she is going through issues of her own, and she finally texted me back. I was starting to feel insecure because I hadn’t heard from her yet; like maybe I am so pathetic she just feels bad for me.  But she wrote back and apologized for not getting back to me, which helped me get through a very stressful moment when I spilled part of my giant coffee all over myself as I was walking INTO the school building.

My first class of the day is usually the toughest, but somehow I had nine students absent (out of 25). This was not a great day to accomplish a lot of direct instruction, but it did allow me to fully explain the assignment I wanted them to complete. I also had a big pile of my son’s old comic books that I had just brought into school since we are packing. My students were really excited about them and started reading them right away. I actually had to peel them away from reading in order to do their actual work. For the first time in a long time my English class was quiet because my students were reading. Of course, this only lasted about fifteen minutes, but I’ll take my miracles when I find them.

I had a really nice conversation with one of my favorite students about how he wants to be a pediatric nurse. He is big and intimidating, but he’s really a teddy bear and always sticks up for me when my students are out of hand. I hope his nursing dreams come true.

Another miraculous moment happened later today during another one of my toughest classes. One of my students has decided to turn over a new leaf… that means actually stay in his seat and finish his work for most of the class. I asked my students to look up some of their favorite songs online and pull out examples of similes, metaphors and personification. He was surprised at how easy these literary devices were to find, though not all the ones he found were appropriate for school.

My proudest moment was when he was walking around the classroom with his chrome book calling out “Anybody need a simile? A metaphor? I got plenty! I found a bunch!”

The class was still loud, but significantly more students did the assignment than normal, which made me feel accomplished. Especially since this was the class right after lunch, which is usually the worst time of day to try to teach anything.

I will try not to expect another miracle tomorrow. I do have easier classes, but you never know what could happen. There could be a fire drill or a fight in the cafeteria or a dance off in the boys’ bathroom… how many more days until vacation?

Teacher’s Sob Story/Rant

Omg my feet hurt. I have been wearing orthotic shoe inserts for the past few weeks, and my feet feel good during the day, but oh my how they hurt tonight. They are throbbing.

Today was one of the coldest days so far this school year. It makes everyone grumpy and tired. All of the students and teachers are counting down the days until winter break.

I gained back a bunch of the weight I lost before Thanksgiving. Hopefully it was all in sodium and will quickly melt off my body just because I’m back to my routine. I really need to focus from now until Christmas to surpass my previous weight loss, even if it’s only a little.

My little one has a cough that doesn’t want to go away. He gets these every winter. He also has scoliosis and wears a brace at night to help with that. When he has a cough like this, though, I don’t make him wear his brace because it’s like torture to him. I feel guilty when he wears his brace and guilty when he doesn’t. Such is a mother’s constant problem.

I have found a temporary place to stay after the holidays with a generous, good friend. I can stay in her spare bedroom with my two sons a few nights a week while I save up for something bigger. I feel grateful that I have such a generous friend, but pretty crappy that my living situation is in such disarray close to my 40th birthday. Shouldn’t I have things figured out by now? This is not how I pictured adulthood. I know that it’s not all my fault, but I really did make some poor choices that have led me to being practically homeless. I only hope that things will drastically turn around for me when I finally get my new apartment.

Tomorrow is a “B” day in our rotation schedule, and my “B” days are so tough. I don’t know why some classes are so different when it comes to behavior. I just have to keep reminding myself that I can only do so much. I’m still trying to teach my students; I haven’t given up on them even though it feels like they have given up on themselves. I want to do the right thing for them, but all I can do is try my best and try not to let them see how upset they make me when they are loud and obnoxious, or simply rude. How am I supposed to teach a kid what a metaphor is when all they can think about is their hair, or their phone, or the girl they like, or the boy that is bullying them? How can I compete with teen angst?

These are rhetorical questions: I know that I can’t. The closest I’m getting is asking them to find examples of figurative language in some of their favorite pop songs. Let’s hope this doesn’t blow up in my face.

Example: When Evil Pimp Refers to women in “Hoes in my Stable”, is this an example of

A. Simile

B. Metaphor

C. Personification

I recently found out that two of my most behaviorally challenged students from two different classes are dating each other. Besides the fact that they make a hilariously odd couple, I’ve considered using this knowledge to manipulate them into being good for me. I could say something like: “Hey, you know, so and so acts perfectly in my class. She says I’m her favorite teacher. Should I tell her that you treat me this way?”

Sometimes this actually works, although it only lasts for the course of the relationship.

So I’m finally off to dream land. Just gave my little one his nebulizer treatment and now he is snoring away. Let’s hope tomorrow is an exceptional Wednesday. 😬

Stress? What stress?

I’ve been lucky these past few months, with no major stressful events going on, outside of the usual stressors of teaching and being a single parent. Suddenly the past week is skyrocketing me into a stress universe.

My landlord, from whom I’ve been renting month to month, has found someone to buy our building. Once the paperwork goes through, I will have thirty days to leave. This is stressful for many reasons. I have two young boys to think about! Luckily, their father still lives in the same town so they won’t have to worry about changing schools. I need to find a place for us but I don’t have money for a deposit. I was already hustling with two jobs just to pay my bills.

As it turns out, I was getting a really great deal on rent. I was paying $900 a month for my three bedroom apartment. I looked around and the TWO bedroom apartments in my town go for about $1300 a month. Somehow I’m going to have to come up with another $400 a month when I’m already living paycheck to paycheck.

So far I have come up with a couple of solutions, but neither of them are ideal and they both will definitely be temporary. They both involve my sons spending weeknights with their dad, and for me to live somewhere else. I could either move in with my boyfriend or rent a room somewhere.

Though my boyfriend and I have been together for a few years, the whole moving in together idea is daunting. He lives an hour away and he has custody of four children. On the weekends I would bring my kids to his place and that would be stressful for everyone (though also at times very fun) with 6 kids.

I could move into a single room about 20 minutes away, but that involves living with a stranger. I found a few places open to my situation that are also affordable, but the thought of going from having a nice big apartment to myself to living with a roommate depresses the hell out of me.

My family does not live nearby, so crashing with them is not an option. I’m at a huge crossroads in my life and I’m about to turn 40.

This is a decision that could change my life forever… any advice or opinions (besides borrowing money from anyone, which is not an option) are welcome.

Noom Diet Week 2 and Beyond: Sin and Redemption 

I have not written in a few weeks because I have been overwhelmed with teaching. Over the past month and a half I taught on Saturdays as well to help prepare 8th graders for a high school entrance exam. It was good, easy work for good pay but it also put a damper on my weekends and free time, and I was too exhausted to write.

When it comes to cheating on your diet, Noom is like any other plan. If you have too much of the “bad” stuff you won’t lose weight, and you might even gain weight from one night of too much fun. 

The boyfriend and I went to the zombie party and had a blast! We looked great and saw some incredible costumes. We also had a lot to drink and came home to have snacks before bed. My weight only went up about a pound and a half that day,  but we spent that Sunday on the couch. It was a day for recovery and an awful feeling of regret. 

I’m feeling my age lately. I’m going to be 40 in a few months, and gone are the nights of closing a bar and then going out for diner food afterwards. 

We were home before midnight and still felt like garbage the next day. I want to curb my unhealthy habits, and I think Mother Nature is finally making her message clear: healthy habits make you feel great, and unhealthy habits make you feel like crap (especially if you spend most of your time being healthy). 

Over the past few weeks I have only lost a very small amount of weight (about 5 pounds) but the scale is finally going in the right direction. Every time I have a weekend slip up, though it’s lots of fun, it directly affects my weight. I really have to continue to curb my appetite for overindulging. 

I’m finally back on the exercise bike as well. I love to put in a good hour on Saturday mornings while catching up on my favorite shows or listening to music. This helps me with stress more than anything else. If I go too long without exercise, I get very cranky. 

Hopefully I will be able to stay on track this week and my weight will continue to go down. I need to make my health a top priority. I know I am stating the obvious, but writing it down helps me feel more accountable. 

If nothing else, this diet has made me extremely self-reflective about my behavior around food and drink. I’ll check in again soon and let you know how my mission is going. 

Noom Diet Days 5 and 6

Zombie English teacher jokes…

I don’t have much to say about these past two days with Noom, except that they were similar to the first few days of the plan.  I lost one pound, which is good, and I didn’t overdo it on wine or snacks when my sweetie came over. This weekend will be a true test, because we will be together a lot and we are going to the Zombie Party at The Dark Lady in downtown Providence. I’m thinking I can eat mostly “green” foods during the day and then have a full glass of water in between each drink at night. I want to have fun and enjoy myself but I don’t want to be sick or overindulgent. 

I did find out that Noom uses SMART goals with its clients, which I really thought was something only teachers did. My SMART goal is to go for a walk during my free period at least twice next week. I guess SMART goals can be applied to pretty much anything. I think I might start applying SMART goals to a lot more aspects of my life! My SMART goal for my 11-year-old is to get him to finish a novel (not a graphic novel) by the end of this month, and if he does it, he will be rewarded. The SMART goal possibilities are endless! 

This weekend I will be partying like the undead and also correcting school work like an undead teacher, but I will be sure to keep you posted!

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