Little Teaching Miracles…

After I shared my anxiety about having a “B” Day yesterday, today turned out to be not too terrible. Sometimes I set myself up like that:  I think that the day will be awful and I brace myself for the possibility of needing an Ativan by 8:30am, and then things change significantly. Maybe the trick is keeping my expectations super low.

The morning started off with getting a text back from an old friend I hadn’t heard from in a while.  I texted her something cute this weekend because I know she is going through issues of her own, and she finally texted me back. I was starting to feel insecure because I hadn’t heard from her yet; like maybe I am so pathetic she just feels bad for me.  But she wrote back and apologized for not getting back to me, which helped me get through a very stressful moment when I spilled part of my giant coffee all over myself as I was walking INTO the school building.

My first class of the day is usually the toughest, but somehow I had nine students absent (out of 25). This was not a great day to accomplish a lot of direct instruction, but it did allow me to fully explain the assignment I wanted them to complete. I also had a big pile of my son’s old comic books that I had just brought into school since we are packing. My students were really excited about them and started reading them right away. I actually had to peel them away from reading in order to do their actual work. For the first time in a long time my English class was quiet because my students were reading. Of course, this only lasted about fifteen minutes, but I’ll take my miracles when I find them.

I had a really nice conversation with one of my favorite students about how he wants to be a pediatric nurse. He is big and intimidating, but he’s really a teddy bear and always sticks up for me when my students are out of hand. I hope his nursing dreams come true.

Another miraculous moment happened later today during another one of my toughest classes. One of my students has decided to turn over a new leaf… that means actually stay in his seat and finish his work for most of the class. I asked my students to look up some of their favorite songs online and pull out examples of similes, metaphors and personification. He was surprised at how easy these literary devices were to find, though not all the ones he found were appropriate for school.

My proudest moment was when he was walking around the classroom with his chrome book calling out “Anybody need a simile? A metaphor? I got plenty! I found a bunch!”

The class was still loud, but significantly more students did the assignment than normal, which made me feel accomplished. Especially since this was the class right after lunch, which is usually the worst time of day to try to teach anything.

I will try not to expect another miracle tomorrow. I do have easier classes, but you never know what could happen. There could be a fire drill or a fight in the cafeteria or a dance off in the boys’ bathroom… how many more days until vacation?


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